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Think It

Web Development Think It

Web development starts with an idea. Even if you already have a website, you can always find ways to improve it. The foundation of every web development project is a well thought out idea. What is the purpose of the website and who will go there?

5 Questions to ask are:

Build It

Web Development Build it

Unrelated Media will turn your idea into a viable, marketable web development project you can be proud of. You will be updated of the progress of development every step of the way. Any feedback, concerns, or suggestions will be welcome at any phase.

A Typical Development Cycle is:

Promote It

Website Development Promote it

With the web site built it is time to work on marketing strategies to promote it and increase your sales and website traffic. This is primarily done through Search Engine Marketing (SEO), but can also reach out to other media such as print and television.

Basic SEO Process: