Choosing a Printer

Choosing a reliable printing company can be a daunting task. Most cities have so many choices, and nobody seems to have a pricing structure the same as any of their competitors. Then there are online options such as VistaPrint which offer good prices simply due to volume.

Online Print Companies


  • Due to volume you can find unmatched pricing
  • Most allow you set up and preview online before ordering


  • Limited sizes
  • Delivery can take weeks
  • If there is a misprint, all copies are misprinted
Local Print Companies


  • Direct customer service
  • View a single proof before paying for entire order
  • In-house designers can help you create, or fix your print
  • Unlimited print size
  • Faster results – sometimes within days, not weeks
  • Able to visually pick the paper
  • Custom cutting, for those unique Brochures or business cards


  • Higher print costs as volume is generally less then online counterparts
  • Some don’t have in-house designers
  • Many local competitors
The choice for Unrelated Media?

Abbotsford’s own Minuteman Press located at #5-34220 South Fraser Way

Minuteman Press, Abbotsford, has a truly amazing in house designer able to quickly spot errors and make suggestions on improvement. Christine, the designer at Minuteman Press, has saved my clients many an error before anything ever goes to print with her keen eye for detail.

In comparison, another local print company printed 2,000 copies of a poster design for a hockey tournament with one glaring detail overlooked: They replaced the ‘P’ in puck with the letter ‘F’. That wasn’t in the original design handed to them, but they changed it none-the-less. A simple mistake, perhaps, but it was a children’s tournament!

I digress.

Minuteman Press isn’t the cheapest printer on the block, but they more then make up for any additional cost by their outstanding customer service, and professionalism. They have also done a few custom designs, themselves.

–samples coming soon–

They have a wide range of services for print media. Check here for a comprehensive list.

For their exceptional quality I stand by my choice of print companies. They have performed rush jobs for me in a very timely manner and saved my behind on a few occasions.

For Unrelated Media, Minuteman Press, Abbotsford, is the only choice for print media and I would be loathe to switch. I’ve even encouraged customers across Canada to use them, as they aren’t limited to just Abbotsford, British Columbia!

Tell me about your favourite printer and what makes them stand out!

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